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Suzanne Randolph Fine Arts (SRFA) understands the significant contribution that a corporation’s culture and brand make toward its long-term growth and success. Our firm believes in establishing a clear understanding of each client’s intention for the ways in which art can convey their core values and utilizes these insights to guide the development of their art collection and related programming. SRFA works across art historical period, genres and media to establish multi-faceted projects that instill pride in company staff and communicates a high standard of achievement to visitors.


  • Working closely with corporate facility managers, project architects, interior designers, in-house archivists and brand strategists to develop a range of appropriate art concepts;

  • Conducting extensive art research tailor-made to suit each client’s objectives, legacy, stakeholders and budget;

  • Identifying regional and global sources of established and emerging artistic talent; 

  • Utilizing design and fabrication specialists to realize museum-quality installations; 

  • Providing comprehensive documentation of all art acquisitions for accession records.