CLIENT: NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC)


DESIGN: In- house

ROLE: Historical research and exhibition design

DATE: 2008-2011

NYU Langone Medical Center has been built upon an illustrious history that spans over 175 years. SRFA was retained to tell the institution’s history with a focus on the 'Medical Pioneers' who were part of the institution, and whose contributions changed the world beginning with the establishment of Bellevue Medical College in 1841.

As the stories of these great leaders had never been comprehensively told, SRFA conducted over 40 in-depth interviews with current and past staff to glean memories of notable individuals affiliated with NYULMC and Bellevue College of Medicine. SRFA drew upon materials from numerous archival and on-line sources to secure documentation, photographs and memorabilia that form the narrative and visual content for the exhibition.

“Pioneering Medicine: The Evolution of NYU Langone Medical Center” was an exhibition that presented the work of 80 individuals whose contributions covered some of the following topics: Caring for the People of New York City, Promoting Pubic Health and Healing Around the World, Breaking New Ground in Medical Research, Teaching the Next Generation of Doctors, and Nobel Laureates. Pioneers included founders Valentine Mott and John Draper, Walter Reed, Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin and recent Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel.

In response to the exhibition’s being so well received, SRFA was engaged to provide creative consultancy services for the design of a companion publication that enabled their history to be distributed to those who look to NYULMC as a leader in the medical field.