CLIENT: KCNY Plastic Surgery

PROJECT: Doctor’s Offices

New York, NY

DESIGN: Stonehill Taylor

ARTISTS: Collection includes Eun Young Choi, Yun-Fe Ji, Antonio Murado, Mike and Douglas Starn

ROLE: Curator of art collection

DATE: 2010

When  Drs.  Nolan  Karp  and Mihye  Choi, plastic  surgeons  in Manhattan, considered the  design of  their  new  offices,  they wanted the  space  to reflect  the  artistic approach  they  took  to  their  work.  Karp and  Choi needed  their  space  to  be functional  and  comfortable  for  patients coming to  them  for  cosmetic or reconstructive  procedures,  but  they  also wanted it bright,  loft-like  and  filled  with art. SRFA developed  a  collection  of commissions  and  installations  that  used themes  and  motifs  from nature  to uplift and  transport  patients  elsewhere.  A  large-scale,  immersive  work by Antonio Murado with  the  Starn  Twins  provides an environment that  is  sensitive  of  and soothing  to patients’  experiences  and challenges.